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FIGHT IT OUT Chooses Bresette + Company for Marketing and Consulting

Portsmouth, NH (January 9, 2008) – Bresette + Company has been chosen as the exclusive marketing and consulting firm to work with FIGHT IT OUT to develop and execute a comprehensive branding, sales and marketing, fulfillment and distribution plan. FIGHT IT OUT will be creating a strategic marketing and business plan with Bresette as their first step in the new business partnership.

New to the Mixed Martial Arts world, FIGHT IT OUT will offer the best apparel and instructional martial arts DVDs in the industry. FIGHT IT OUT differentiates itself from its competition by focusing on celebrating the history and honor of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), which other brands fail to do. FIGHT IT OUT plans to offer five lines of apparel: The Praetorian Line, the Kundalini Series, the Phoenix Collection, Street Wear, and Fight Wear for MMA fighters. Guy Chase, one of the founders of FIGHT IT OUT, is a world renown martial arts trainer, as well as developer of the training and video series, and a training descendent of the late Bruce Lee.   

“I am enthusiastic to work with Bresette on building this new brand. With their creative team’s top-notch talent and their exceptional strategic planning and business consulting skills, we are sure to bypass the competition and be the #1 brand offering apparel, merchandise and martial arts training videos to the MMA customer base!” says Chase Bailey President of FIGHT IT OUT.

Josh Bresette, President of Bresette + Company is eager to get started on developing this brand. “This is a great opportunity for Bresette. We have worked on retail projects before, but none that combines all of the Bresette’s Team marketing and consulting services. In addition, with the ever growing fan base of Mixed Martial Arts today, as seen on CNBC recently, we are certain to develop and launch a brand which has tremendous growth and revenue opportunities!”

Bresette + Company offers comprehensive creative marketing and consulting solutions for a variety of successful firms and organizations throughout the country. At Bresette, all initiatives start with strategic development. Through our discipline of consultation using a customized strategic discovery + planning process, we help clients define and realize goals, always offering new ideas and innovative ways to meet your company's ever-changing needs and objectives. Most importantly, we get RESULTS! To learn more about their services, or to make an appointment with a Bresette consultant, call 603-430-0770 or visit www.bresette.com.

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