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Bresette + Company Continues to Strengthen the Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services Brand

Portsmouth, NH – Bresette + Company, a high-performance, results-driven marketing and consulting firm, is pleased to announce continued and growing success in enhancing the leadership position of their client, Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services, as a leading national Appraisal Management (AMC) & Settlement Services Company. The well-established appraisal management company with a stellar reputation for providing fast, accurate and high quality appraisal and settlement services has seen continued growth and profitability this year by way of the marketing campaigns successfully executed by Bresette + Company, placing Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services far above their competitors.

Although already established at the forefront of the industry, Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services has benefited significantly from the strategic marketing campaigns that Bresette + Company has developed and continues to deploy. The launch of their state-of-the-art website sparked a heightened nationwide interest in Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services, ultimately beginning what has become an ever-increasing expansion of their client base. Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services has achieved a substantial increase in media coverage and exposure in national journals, magazines and newsletters both online and in print, enhancing brand awareness nationwide. By extending Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services’ market reach, Bresette + Company has provided them with a wealth of new opportunities to consistently prove their exceptional appraisal management and settlement services to both existing and prospective clients.

With an impeccable and outstanding reputation for providing fast, accurate, high-quality Real Estate Valuation, Appraisal Management, and Settlement Services Nationwide, Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services' extensive list of clients has grown significantly over the past 9 months, and boasts some of the nation's largest lending institutions, mortgage brokers, investment banks, law firms, mortgage insurance, and mortgage servicing companies. Most recently, Bresette + Company was approved by Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services to develop and execute Phase 1 of the LASS Advanced Client Retention Program (ACRR). The LASS Advanced Client Retention Program (ACRR) includes conducting a comprehensive client survey of Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services clients in order to measure various aspects of Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services’ performance and execution. The objective of the LASS Advanced Client Retention Program (ACRR) is to increase the value of their business partnerships with all clientele by making certain they deliver the highest level of client service, quality of work, and overall operational excellence.

Both Bresette + Company and Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services' agree that their business partnership has been nothing but successful and beneficial to both, giving Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services enhanced and ever-growing exposure in the mortgage and financial industries which has significantly improved their financial performance. The partnership has also brought the highly strategic, results-driven services of Bresette + Company into the spotlight. George Panichas, Chairman and CEO of Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services said, “Working with Bresette + Company has continued to be a beneficial and successful business venture for our company. The growing brand recognition and awareness that Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services has received since we began working with Bresette + Company has been extraordinary, and we look forward to an even more successful partnership in the last quarter of 2010 and for 2011.”

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