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Bresette + Company Wins 3 Lamplighter Awards

Portsmouth, NH (July 25, 2008) – Bresette + Company recently took home three awards at The Lamplighter Awards held at the Providence Renaissance Marriott hotel on May 19, 2008, in Providence, RI.  Bresette won for their work in website design, a publication for the Wentworth Douglass Hospital Health Foundation, and for the total marketing campaign for Women’s Health Services.

“The Lamplighter Awards” are presented each year at the Spring conference held by the New England Society for Healthcare Communications (NESHCo) in recognition of excellence in marketing, public relations, and communications including publications, audio-visual presentations, writing, marketing and advertising. All entrants are judged by a panel of recognized professionals, typically outside of the region, and projects are evaluated based upon their quality of achievement and results.

“We are honored to have been awarded these three lamplighter awards from NESHCo. We are especially proud of the award for the Women’s Health Services Total Marketing Campaign which included TV, Radio, Print and Interactive work.  These awards are a symbol of our hard work and dedication and we would like to thank NESHCo for their recognition and time in reviewing our work,” Josh Bresette, President of Bresette + Company said.

Bresette + Company won an award for its work on the Wentworth Douglass Hospital’s website. Bresette scored highly in all aspects of the judging which included situation analysis, strategy and methodology, execution of graphic design and copy and documentation of results. The website can be seen at www.wdhospital.com.

The second award was for its publication of the Wentworth Douglass Hospital Health and Foundation brochure. This publication provides information to readers about the services of Wentworth Douglas Hospital and information about ways to donate to the WDH Foundation.

The third award was earned for its work on the Wentworth Douglass Hospital Women’s Health Services Total Marketing Campaign. Bresette + Company scored highly in all aspects of judging. It especially scored well in Execution of Graphic Design and Copy and Strategy and Methodology.  The campaign included TV, Radio, Print and Internet Marketing.

Bresette + Company offers comprehensive creative marketing and consulting solutions for a variety of successful firms and organizations throughout the country. At Bresette, all initiatives start with strategic development. Through their discipline of consultation using a customized strategic discovery and planning process, they help clients define and realize goals, always offering new ideas and innovative ways to meet company’s ever-changing business needs and objectives. Most importantly, Bresette is focused on results! To learn more about their services, or to make an appointment with a Bresette consultant, call 603-430-0770 or visit www.bresette.com.

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