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Universal Aid for Children Ukraine Chooses Bresette + Company to Launch Website

Portsmouth, NH (October 29, 2008) – The Universal Aid for Children’s Ukraine division (UAC Ukraine) recently partnered with Bresette + Company to create a website that will benefit orphans in the Odessa region. The website www.uacukrainerelief.org presents the mission of UAC Ukraine and offers the public a plethora of ways, from large to small, they can help. Prominently featured on the site are links for making online donations and volunteering. The site features original artwork by the children and also includes videos that make one realize that half-a-world-away is really not so far after all.

Universal Aid for Children (UAC) is a licensed, non-profit agency that has been serving children in the United States and third world countries for over 31 years. Its primary services are adoption, Medical/Aid Relief, Parent/Child Education, and Social Activities. UAC has placed more than 3,000 children since 1977 and works at the state and national levels to advocate for all children’s needs. Its Ukraine division was founded in 1995 by Clara Pascal who initiated it as a medical relief program. Pascal quickly became aware of the need to provide not only relief aid, but also preventative measurements such as nutrition education, primary health care, psychological counseling, and educational funding. She returned to the Ukraine with a new mission and began training volunteers and Ukrainian professionals to address these needs. UAC Ukraine now serves more than twenty hospitals, shelters, and orphanages in the Odessa region.

Bresette + Company worked closely with UAC Ukraine to determine the most effective way to present the organization’s mission and values and created an outstanding website that reflects these. Eric Tapley, Bresette + Company’s Director of Interactive Services, said: “We are always pleased to have the opportunity to support non-profit organizations, such as UAC Ukraine, that work to increase the standard of living for people world-wide. Creating this website to help children, many of them orphans, was especially meaningful to me as a new father. To understand the innocence and helplessness of a child is a profound life-changing thing. If by creating this website, Bresette can help connect these children to more people who will send them aid, and possibly even adopt them, then I will feel our work has succeeded.”

Clara Pascal, Ukrainian Programs Founder/Director was delighted with the work Bresette + Company did. “We will reach so many more people now compared to before, who can to help these needy, deserving children. The addition of the children’s art to add visual appeal to the site accomplishes multiple goals. It spotlights the children’s innermost feelings, presents the work they are selling in order to fund our efforts, and also reflects the true spirit of UAC Ukraine.”

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