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Dare Mighty Things Selects Bresette for Strategic Marketing Program

Portsmouth, NH (October 1, 2008) –Dare Mighty Things (DMT), a business consulting company with offices in Portsmouth, NH and Arlington, VA has selected Bresette + Company to develop a strategic marketing and branding initiative for their company.

Dare Mighty Things is a management consulting company that specializes in the development of large scale programs that impact high risk populations. Their clients include government agencies, foundations and not-for-profit organizations.

David Van Patten, the president of Dare Mighty Things expressed his excitement to be working with Bresette, “We are enthusiastic about the development and execution of the new marketing program with Bresette + Company. We are looking forward to working with them and believe they can help Dare Mighty Things reposition our brand, increase our awareness, and grow our business,” Van Patten said.

Suzanne Bresette, founder of Bresette + Company, is also looking forward to working with Dare Mighty Things, “Bresette + Company is thrilled with the opportunity to work with Dare Mighty Things. We look to forward to helping them achieve all of their desired business objectives and help them take a major step forward in their brand extension and development,” Bresette said.

Bresette + Company offers comprehensive creative marketing and consulting solutions for a variety of successful firms and organizations throughout the country. At Bresette, all initiatives start with strategic development. Through their discipline of consultation using a customized strategic discovery + planning process, they help clients define and realize goals, always offering new ideas and innovative ways to meet company's ever-changing business needs and objectives. Most importantly, Bresette is focused on results! To learn more about their services, or to make an appointment with a Bresette consultant, call 603-430-0770 or visit www.bresette.com.

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