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Bresette + Company to unite the Lowell-General Chelmsford Campus under a
new Lowell-General Hospital brand

Portsmouth, NH (August 24, 2007) –Lowell-General Hospital has a firm commitment to comprehensive services, compassionate care, and clinical excellence at a convenient location for the Merrimack-Valley region. They have chosen Bresette + Company to conduct a strategic branding initiative in order to reach out, in a new way, to the people of the community. The new brand will focus on the clinical expertise at the LGH Chelmsford Campus, and underscore the fact that advanced level care is currently being provided in a community setting. The new positioning will also highlight key services at the LGH campus; The Weight Management Center, The Surgery Center, and the Pediatric Specialty Center.

Bresette will develop a new brand that adequately portrays Lowell-General Hospital’s Chelmsford’s full clinical service offerings. A comprehensive radio and print ad campaign will be conducted utilizing the new messaging and identity. “We enjoy bringing a new face to healthcare organizations,” says Josh Bresette, President of Bresette + Company. “In developing a plan for Lowell-General Hospital Chelmsford, we realized the importance of having a community understand what is available for them locally. When top-quality care can be provided in your own backyard, it saves time and money for patients. Patients also feel better when they can stay closer to home for treatment. We’ll be highlighting the existing strengths in LGH Chelmsford’s campaign. This is the best way to authentically reach out to the community that uses this facility.”

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