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Bresette + Company donates a Marketing Face-lift to the non-profit organization, Compass Care

Portsmouth, NH – Bresette + Company has chosen Compass Care, as a non-profit eldercare agency, to receive pro bono marketing services. Both based in Portsmouth, NH, and past partners on community projects, Compass Care fits the criteria that Bresette looks for when offering complimentary support.

 "They do a wonderful job of caring for the elderly of this community, so we enjoy contributing the services. They are an agency that is necessary to the health of the city, which is why we choose to support their work. We felt that they were not getting their message out to the marketplace. That people were not aware of the services available to the community. Without new awareness this non-profit might cease to exist." states Suzanne Bresette, Bresette+Company.

Jim White, Director of Broadcast for Bresette+Company, is creating a video with testimonials from the Compass Care board members, staff, family caregivers, and community leaders in elder care. "The video will inform and educate the seacoast area community about an all too real situation facing families nationwide.  Compass Care is a unique daycare program that gives care givers/families necessary respite from, 24 hour a day, 7 days a week supervision and care".

In addition to the creation of the new video, there will be a new service brochure developed, and significant updates to the existing Compass Care website. Bresette + Company has established a record of excellence for their marketing campaigns across all platforms including print, video, and interactive, and they are pleased to be able to share this expertise with the eldercare agency.

Julie Stone, Executive Director of Compass Care, is pleased about the new look and feel planned for the organization's materials. "They are taking us to the next level in presentation, in order to match the level of care we currently provide. It's a great gift for us, and the families that use our services." Please visit www.compasscare.org for more information.

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