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Atlantic Management Begins Strategic Planning with Bresette + Company.

Portsmouth, NH – Atlantic Management Company, a leading valuation and financial advisory firm based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, has decided to conduct strategic planning with Bresette + Company, in order to provide for further measured growth, and continued stability. Bresette specializes in full service marketing and consulting services, where strategic planning and consulting identify anchor points for all actions taken. The goal is to increase the brand awareness, perceived value, market share, and sales and revenu of the organization and its cause. Bresette’s clear and informed planning and consulting process has repeatedly proved highly effective for its' clients and results in measurable success.

Atlantic Management Company has chosen Bresette to conduct this strategic planning and consultation process as the initial step in larger business and marketing initiatives. Suzanne Bresette, founder of Bresette + Company states, "the partnership with Atlantic Management continues the Bresette vision of offering traditional marketing services accompanied with business and consulting services. This enables our team to differentiate itself in the marketplace as the firm of choice for organizations with highly aggressive business objectives."

Bresette clients stand-out from the crowd due to their innovative and forward-thinking mentality as they progress along a carefully defined pathway to success. If you want to learn more about the creative marketing and consulting solutions that make Bresette + Company so effective, visit: www.bresette.com, or call 603-430-0770.

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