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Bresette + Company Provides a Complete Branding Initiative for the Launch of TLC Partnership, a California-Based Life Coaching Organization

March, 2006 - Strategic marketing and consulting firm Bresette + Company is working with TLC Partnership, a new life coaching business, to create a new brand. The fast-growing field of life coaching is an exciting new alternative to traditional self-improvement activities like talk therapy. The new field is an outgrowth of executive coaching and seems more comfortable for men than therapy. Women also embrace coaching as a tool for career and personal success.

The full branding initiative created by Bresette + Company for TLC Partnership includes naming the company, a new interactive website, logo, tagline, mission statement and collateral materials to support this dynamic enterprise. Entering a relationship with a professional coaching organization is exciting for Bresette, and echoes their own expertise in executive coaching and strategic planning, already utilized by current clients.

“The combination of our strategic guidance and sequenced marketing plan with TLC Partnership’s reflective, goal oriented growth process has been very interesting for both sides. Often times our client relationships are invigorating, but this one was particularly stimulating due to the synergy that developed between the two organizations. We look forward to TLC Partnership’s future success and are pleased to have made the connection with them,” states Josh Bresette, President of Bresette + Company.

As a new industry, regulation of the practitioners is still in a fledgling state. Certification programs are available, but not all of those who call themselves life coaches are, in fact, certified. TLC Partnership carries full life coach certification from the Institute for Life Coach Training, in Denver, Colorado, as well as certification from the International Coach Federation. TLC Partnership has degrees in Psychology (with special emphasis on Developmental Psychology), postgraduate masters studies in Group Therapy, Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Behavior and a Certificate of Cross Cultural Study.

The unique TLC Partnership skill set offers a special opportunity for adults and adolescents alike to benefit from the guiding process that exemplifies good coaching. The advanced multidisciplinary training also offers the clients full service awareness to differentiate between a need for coaching and a need for deeper therapy. Confusion between the two types of need is a danger in the new field but one which can be minimized when coaches enter the field with a background in psychology and therapy.

Visit the new site at http://www.tlcpartnership.com/ for more information on life coaching, and http://www.bresette.com to learn more about the high-performance marketing team at Bresette + Company.

Contact Emily Thayer, Bresette + Company, ethayer@bresette.com, 603-430-0770 for more information.

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