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International Software Company Hires Bresette to Jumpstart Sales

Portsmouth office of Bricsnet Joins Forces with Bresette for Technology Promotion Campaign

November 7, 2005 Portsmouth, NH – Bricsnet FM Americas Inc. (www.bricsnet.com), an international software company specializing in helping companies manage their corporate real estate, hired Bresette + Company to promote their web-based project collaboration software, Project|Center.

Project|Center is a collaboration software used to help design and construction teams work together on projects of virtually any size via the internet. One of the first software of its kind, Project|Center was launched in 1998 and is today used around the world by leading fortune 500 companies, architects, engineers, contractors and project management firms seeking to reduce project risk, streamline activities, and control project costs.

Bresette + Company was hired because of their deep expertise in technology product management and marketing, as well as their stringent focus on building revenues through marketing campaigns designed for a direct impact on sales. David Gardner, Managing Director of Sales at Bricsnet states “we are working to directly build our sales pipeline and to build awareness of the product in new markets. Bresette has a concrete understanding of our product, and knows what it takes to support the sales cycle in our market. Also, their downtown location makes it a perfect fit.”

Bricsnet has corporate offices in Portsmouth, San Francisco, and Madrid. The Portsmouth office is the primary sales and development location for the Project|Center product. Pamela Wallace, VP of Client Services for Bresette, says “Bricsnet’s program is a great example of the kind of marketing our corporate clients are seeking. They need brand awareness, but not at the expense of sales. What smart companies are doing everywhere, particularly in the technology sector, is using marketing to directly support the sales cycle, specifically by creating lead generation programs and following them up with an action plan that they can use in-house to close the deals.”

Bresette + Company has a deep vein of expertise in technology and product marketing working with a diverse client base, including AT&T, Intuit, Compaq, and MindSprinting. The company continues to focus less on any specific vertical, however, and more on their core competencies in marketing, which include PR, strategic planning, brand management, sales program management, advertising, broadcast and interactive. Other New Hampshire based clients include Timberland, Pease Development Authority, Wentworth Douglass Hospital and Seacoast Rejuvenation Center.

Contact Deidre Randall, Bresette + Company, drandall@bresette.com, 603-430-0770 for more information.

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