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Timberland chooses Bresette + Company to showcase community involvement with new website

Timberland and Bresette + Company: Making it Better Together

Stratham, NH - Timberland is a leading force in full time community involvement. Bresette + Company is a creative and effective protagonist of award-winning interactive services and full multimedia campaigns. Bresette + Company was recently chosen by Timberland to create an interactive website to generate and increase awareness of Timberland’s strong socially responsible values. Bresette was selected due to the firm’s interactive capabilities as well as their ability to execute within a very tight timeframe.

Charlie Raynes, Timberland’s Global Advertising Manager states, “We were impressed with Bresette's strategic and creative approach to developing the make-it-better.org website. Bresette's commitment to and delivery of the project under a strained deadline was a testament to their team.”

Timberland’s mission reflects company values and their impact is omnipresent. Their focus to “make it better” can be seen through their dedicated work effort geared towards producing innovative products and use of paid time-off to make a difference in the community. The new website is an elaboration of their national ad campaign which can be seen in such publications as GQ and Men’s Life. The campaign portrays the stories of seven powerful individuals working with a committed Timberland team who are brightening, transforming and bringing together communities all over the world. View it at: http://www.make-it-better.org

Bresette + Company is proud to be chosen to work alongside Timberland, making a social impact by showcasing their employees’ service to society. Josh Bresette, President of Bresette + Company says, “We are very proud to be chosen to do a project so critical to an organizations mission and vision. The new website delivers the Timberland message with a dynamic and innovative look and feel.” When presented with the website opportunity, Bresette + Company’s Charlie Howell was under a strict deadline, and the project was finished in three weeks, receiving rave reviews from Timberland. Howell, Director of Interactive Services at Bresette, is “looking forward to seeing a successful relationship arise between the two firms.”

Contact Deidre Randall, Bresette + Company, drandall@bresette.com, 603-430-0770 for more information.

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