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Pease Development Authority announces Bresette + Company as their marketing agency of record

Portsmouth, NH - Pease Development Authority (PDA) chose Bresette + Company as their agency of record in August 2005 to help advance PDA’s mission of creating new jobs, raising awareness about the services at Pease, revenue expansion through brand, web, PR and marketing strategies.

The new strategic partnership between the Pease Development Authority and Bresette will solidify the efforts to achieve PDA’s mission, which is to redevelop their 3,000 acres into a world-class office and industrial park and international airport, and create a diverse regional economy with significant employment opportunities for the Seacoast Region and the State of New Hampshire.

George Bald, executive director of Pease Development Authority said, “We’ve made a concerted effort this year to allocate marketing dollars to support the continued growth of Pease. We chose Bresette + Company because we are very impressed with their capabilities. We require more than great design; we really need a strategic partner to take us to the next stage of our growth.”

Within thirty days of the Bresette + Co hire, Pease landed Allegiant Airlines as its newest member of the community. Allegiant will provide non-stop passenger flights to Orlando beginning in October. An Allegiant spokesperson recently stated that Pease is now one of their top booking markets. Bresette worked on the launch of the airline, and continues to work on advertising, PR and media to raise awareness of both Allegiant’s presence and Pease International Airport within New England and in Orlando.

Beyond assisting Allegiant with their marketing, Bresette's specific tasks include developing a unified brand, creating a new website, clarifying the service offerings of Pease, and supporting revenue goals by helping attract business to the Tradeport, the Airport, and the Division of Ports and Harbors.

“Pease remains one of the true goldmines in the Seacoast, generating 5,500 jobs with wages estimated to be in excess of $220 million and over $3.4 million in direct revenues to the city of Portsmouth,” states Pamela Wallace, VP of Client Services for Bresette.

Each entity within the Pease Development Authority (Pease International Tradeport, Pease International Airport, and the Division of Ports and Harbors), have slightly different objectives and certainly different audiences. While all must be marketed under one brand, each entity does have different goals to achieve. The task at hand for Bresette is to focus and prioritize marketing and PR efforts in such a way as to maximize all marketing dollars towards the three separate mandates.

Currently Pease International Tradeport has over 218 companies employing more than 5500 people, and occupying 3.5 million square feet of office and industrial space. The Tradeport is the home of the Pease International Airport, which services the community with leisure, business, private and cargo flights around the country. The new International/Domestic passenger terminal, has complete Federal Inspection Services available on-site, and a huge 11,321 foot long runway, which is one of the longest on the East Coast and capable of handling the world’s largest aircraft. The Pease Development Authority also operates the Division of Ports and Harbors, which includes a year-round, deep draft shipping terminal on the Piscataqua River.

Tenants at Pease are pleased to see Pease marketing efforts increased. CEO and President of Bid2Win, Paul McKeon, who resides in One International Place, states “Pease is a great place to have a business because of the dynamic labor pool we have to pull from, the services Pease offers, and the world class facilities. I’m thrilled the word is getting out to people! Keep it up!”

Contact Deidre Randall, Bresette + Company, drandall@bresette.com, 603-430-0770 for more information.

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