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Portsmouth, NH- Bresette + Company signs contract with MINDsprinting of Chicago, IL

Bresette + Company is working with MINDsprinting an educational resource that can be accessed on-line, and the most affordable system of its kind available in the US today. The product is a supplemental learning program for both the gifted student and the student in need of remedial supports. It works for children K-12, but lessons can also used by adult learners. Focused upon reading comprehension and math, Mindsprinting teaches the basics at a pace set by the student and their parent or teacher. Offering individualized lesson plans, the system is the tutor and evaluates each studentís progress every step of the way.

Services from Bresette + Company include; optimization of the new web site [visible at http://www.mindsprinting.com], internet and print media public relations initiative, and strategic placement in outlets nationwide to reach educational and individual markets in the early launch of this exciting new resource.

Shannon Hunter, the Interactive Services Director at Bresette+ Company, feels that, ďThis in an exciting time to be involved with such an innovative educational service. Itís affordable, effective, convenient and private and the delivery method, the Internet, makes all of that possible. We are proud to be known, nationwide, as an agency, which makes strong statement with our interactive services. MINDsprintingís choice of Bresette + Company gives evidence to the impact we have been having with other clients, as well as the awards we are garnering for the interactive services we have been providing. We look forward to taking this service to its next level.Ē

Bresestte + Company was chosen to create a new interactive site, for this innovative, on-line service. More affordable than itís predecessors, MINDsprinting expects to offer the new service throughout the US and internationally as well, based upon documentation of the programís effectiveness. The curriculum was drawn from a Canadian model, taking into account that Canada consistently outperforms the US on standardized testing. The MINDsprinting program has been recommended by tenured professors and seasoned educational professionals from Canada, Korea, and the US, for its developmental approach, privacy, practice and review technique ensuring comprehension and not rote memorization, clarity of assignments, quality of feedback, organization of materials and concise, directed program.

Bresette + Company is also working on further creative support for MINDsprinting, to complement its planned release of a Spanish version of the new web site and math curriculum written in Spanish.

Contact Deidre Randall, Bresette + Company, drandall@bresette.com, 603-430-0770 for more information.

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