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Bresette & Company is a winner in three categories of the Seventh Annual NH Internet Awards

Bresette & Company is a winner in the following Seventh Annual NH Internet Awards categ ories: Best Small Retail Business - North Country Smokehouse - http://ncsmokehouse.com/, Outer Limits 26 employees or more - Debra Winkler Personal Search - http://www.debrawinklerpersonalsearch.net/, and Best Health Care - Wentworth Douglass Hospital - http://www.wdhospital.com/. The diversity of the sites awarded, reveals the level of expertise that Bresette clients can expect from the interactive services available. Shannon Hunter, Director of Interactive Media for Bresette + Company, is pleased with the group effort she coordinates to create the award-winning designs. “We have a strong team for our interactive offerings and this recognition shows our effectiveness with diverse clients; specialty foods, matchmaking, and healthcare. Whatever the need, we can deliver a great site.”

The NH Internet Awards Gala is March 9, 2005 from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Center of New Hampshire, Manchester. Sponsors for this year’s awards include; New Hampshire Community Technical College – Nashua, Ektron, Inc., PC Connection, Retro Office Interiors LLC, Software Association of New Hampshire, Telegraph Publishing Company/McLean Communications, and www.NH.com. There are directions on the awards on the homepage: http://www.nh.com/misc/nhia/index.html

The New Hampshire Internet Awards (NHIA) is an annual celebration of the talent and creativity of New Hampshire web designers, professionals and hobbyists alike. The awards recognize design, programming, and creativity. All sites are judged by out-of-state Web designers over a one-month period. The contest culminates in an Awards Gala where the sites are projected on the screen, elegant glass trophies and certificates are presented, and designers and site owners have the opportunity to network with colleagues and friends.

The awards are open only to New Hampshire-based Web design firms and designers. Companies can enter their own sites, too, so long as the site was created by a New Hampshire designer. The criteria considered in judging a site includes: Mission Accomplishment, Navigation and Structure, Content, Visual Design, Interactivity, Functionality, and Overall Experience. The twenty-three categories for awards include recognition for a variety of business sites, children’s sites, non-profit sites, tourism sites, entertainment sites, and government sites. Bresette is proud to have been chosen for three categories as it truly represents the wide variety of clients they serve.

Contact Deidre Randall, Bresette + Company, drandall@bresette.com, 603-430-0770 for more information.

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