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Bresette Wins Multiple SIAA Awards

February 2004 - Portsmouth, NH - Bresette + Company recently won 12 awards at the first annual Services Industry Advertising Awards (SIAA) Over 1,000 entries were received and a national panel of judges evaluated and rated entries in ten groups and twenty five categories.

Bresette received Gold awards for the website homepage for Nantucket Island Living, www.nantucketislandliving.com, as well as its own homepage, www.bresette.com, it won additional Gold awards for the Bresette + Company logo and a brochure produced for the Sheraton Harborside Portsmouth. Merit recognition was also received for the Annual Report for LRGHealthcare, a brochure for North Country Smokehouse and ads produced for Wentworth-Douglass Hospital and Hartford Hospital. Bresette swept the Real Estate Publications category with a Gold, Silver and Bronze on behalf of Nantucket Island Living Magazine.

"The results of the First Annual SIAA Awards was way above our expectations", commented Jan Michael Lok, Executive Director of the SIAA Awards. "Next year we expect to triple the number of entries. We believe that the winners of this year's awards will look back with pride as the competitiveness of the awards will dramatically increase over the next several years."

The SIAA Awards is the first advertising awards to specifically recognize the achievements of the service industry. Many other advertising awards are dominated by consumer goods, packaged goods, and other tangible products. The service industry is adding a significant contribution to marketing and advertising. SIAA recognizes the creativity and communication accomplishments of the service industry.

Bresette + Company is a full-service marketing agency founded in 1990 and is based in Portsmouth, NH. Current clients include LRGHealthcare, Wentworth-Douglass Hospital, New Hampshire Office of International Commerce, Nantucket Association of Real Estate Brokers, Fine Hotels, North Country Smokehouse and BioConcept Laboratories. Bresette prides itself on providing creative solutions with measurable results. From market research to cutting edge creative, Bresette maximizes client return on investment and exceeds expectations.

Contact Deidre Randall, Bresette + Company, drandall@bresette.com, 603-430-0770 for more information.

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