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New Hampshire Office of International Commerce Account Awarded to Bresette + Company

February 2002 - Portsmouth, NH - Bresette + Company adds to an already strong interactive portfolio with the release of an interactive CD-Rom for the New Hampshire Office of International Commerce (OIC) at the International Trade Resource Center. The CD-Rom is only one of the many tools in the program to promote trade abroad with New Hampshire companies. The CD-Rom features profiles of 42 companies complete with streaming video and links to each company's web site. The structure of the CD-Rom takes into account end usability and segments New Hampshire companies by industry. By representing these key areas of strength in the New Hampshire business arena, users are led directly to potential trading partners. Viewers are exposed to leaders of industry throughout the state within a defined context which allows the interested party to immediately receive more company-specific information. Director of New Hampshire Office of International Commerce, Dawn Wivell says, "This project has long been a dream for us. It allows us a real and effective tool to breakthrough to overseas audiences. It manages to present a comprehensive picture of New Hampshire industry in a flexible medium. By using the newest technology we are able to capture statewide businesses and better network across borders."

The New Hampshire Office of International Commerce at the International Trade Resource Center has just celebrated its tenth year of helping New Hampshire business reach internationally. The office has many unique programs available to all New Hampshire businesses including: one-on-one counseling, market research, export documentation and licensing assistance, cross-cultural marketing assistance and a resource library. Its many programs and services have been directly responsible for increasing international trade within the state and promoting New Hampshire business through various channels including several trade missions in which the Governor has participated.

Bresette + Company is a full-service marketing agency founded in 1990 and is based in Portsmouth, NH. Current clients include Wentworth-Douglass Hospital, New Hampshire Office of International Commerce, First & Ocean National Bank, Fine Hotels, Nantucket Association of Real Estate Brokers and Lilly Software. Bresette prides itself on providing creative solutions with measurable results. From market research to cutting edge creative, Bresette maximizes client return on investment and exceeds expectations.

Contact Deidre Randall, Bresette + Company, drandall@bresette.com, 603-430-0770 for more information.

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