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Lilly Software Web Site Redesign Goes to Bresette

November 2002 - Portsmouth, NH - Lilly Software has selected Bresette + Company to revise their corporate web site, with an eye to enhancing usability and design elements. This is the latest in a series of projects undertaken by Bresette to reinforce and maximize the Lilly Software brand. Recently, Bresette designed the invitation, course listing catalog and other collateral materials for the LSA Users Conference held in Florida this fall. The invitation was so well received that has been submitted for consideration in several award competitions.

The web site revision is the 3rd generation of the site. With this in mind, Bresette is focusing on integrating branding elements along with usability to allow the site to be easily updated. As Josh Bresette, Executive Vice President, explains "Lilly Software has us working closely with their marketing and IS departments to focus on three main objectives: design, maintenance, and usability. Because LillySoftware.com is the company's first step toward updating their current identity, we've defined design elements that will be reflected in the new site and future marketing materials. We also incorporated LillySoftware.com's existing Content Management Tools (CMT) into the new site, because they provide low maintenance costs, and help to keep the site's content current. Finally, the new site will be easier for Lilly's customers to use. We've utilized real-world and Web conventions, as well as basic graphic design principles to enhance the customer's experience. We are excited to be working in partnership with Lilly as they evolve their corporate identity."

Lilly Software, located in Hampton, NH offers manufacturers and distributors a complete line of integrated end-to-end supply chain solutions. Lilly Software provides common sense solutions that incorporate advanced technology into execution-based software. As innovators in their industry Lilly continues to be recognized for superior products and was recently selected by Consumer Goods Technology as one of 2002's top 10 Best of Breed solutions for Manufacturing Software.

Bresette + Company is a full-service marketing agency founded in 1990 and is based in Portsmouth, NH. Current clients include Wentworth-Douglass Hospital, New Hampshire Office of International Commerce, First & Ocean National Bank, Fine Hotels, Nantucket Association of Real Estate Brokers and Lilly Software. Bresette prides itself on providing creative solutions with measurable results. From market research to cutting edge creative, Bresette maximizes client return on investment and exceeds expectations.

Contact Deidre Randall, Bresette + Company, drandall@bresette.com, 603-430-0770 for more information.

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