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Bresette + Company Creates Complete E-Commerce Solution for YOST Manufacturing & Supply

February 2002 - Portsmouth, NH - Bresette + Company, Inc. creates a complete e-commerce solution for YOST Manufacturing & Supply, Inc. of Waterford, CT.

Objective: Commenting on the objective of the new YOST Manufacturing Web site, Rebecca Fenick, Creative Director, stated: "There is a brand aspect to YOSTmfg.com because it is a new marketing Web site, but fundamentally we have taken their catalog and put it online. The content management part of YOSTmfg.com is really powerful. With the exception of 5 pages, every piece of the Web site can be modified by YOST. We believe that the design really speaks to the high-end products that YOST manufactures."

Key Challenge: Commenting on the key challenge of the new YOST Manufacturing Web site, Rebecca stated: "One of the key challenges was to find a way to translate the knowledge and experience a customer receives from talking with YOST in person or over the phone, and bring the same knowledge and experience online. This was accomplished with areas for product notes, product recommendations, and product instructions. And while these areas deliver the knowledge and experience to customers, and they also increase cross-selling opportunities for YOST. The YOST site features more than 115 items and 237 pages of content."

Rebecca added, "The online catalog is really easy to use. We used as many real-world and online conventions as possible, so that the learning curve for the customer is short. George Yost did a really great job of thinking of all of his customers and the unique situations that each customer may encounter. George made sure that he could do business with each of his customer groups similar to how he does business with them in the real-world. To name a few examples of this, there are multiple levels of pricing, an option for local delivery, and the ability to setup basic and credit accounts which makes tracking orders and reordering easier."

Top Pieces of Functionality:
  • Product Catalog
  • Secured three-tiered level of pricing
  • Product Search
  • Shopping Cart with Online Credit Card Processing
  • Security
  • Ordering Options with order tracking, reordering, and order history
  • YOST Account and Content Management Tools
  • Customer Account Management Tools
Bresette + Company is a twelve year old marketing, advertising and brand identity company whose other clients include Wentworth-Douglass Hospital, LRGHealthcare, Fine Hotels, Amesbury Group, and The New Hampshire Office of International Commerce.

YOST Manufacturing & Supply, Inc. is a leader in the home improvement industry and is headquartered in Waterford, CT. You can visit their Web site at www.YOSTmfg.com.

Contact Deidre Randall, Bresette + Company, drandall@bresette.com, 603-430-0770 for more information.

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